A Timeline


  • 1968: Anderson County Senior Citizens’ Action Council was formed.


  • 1975: A comprehensive Senior Adult Day Care Center pilot project was launched. (Located at North Anderson Presbyterian Community Church)
  • 1976: Anderson County Senior Citizens’ Action Council merged with Oconee County to become Anderson-Oconee Council on Aging.
  • 1977: Oconee Adult Day Care opened at Seneca Baptist Church.


  • 1990: Oconee Adult Day Care reopened at Seneca Family Life Institute.
  • 1995: We moved into our present Oconee Senior Center in Seneca.
  • 1996: We built Sloan Street Housing Development in Seneca.
  • 1999: We began delivering hot and frozen meals under Community Long-Term Care contract, serving 80 people our first day.
  • 1999: Oconee County gave us the deed for the Oconee Senior Center building.


  • 2001: Anderson-Oconee Council on Aging became SENIOR Solutions — a name change that better reflects who we are as an organization.
  • 2003: We moved into our Market Place Cinema location in Anderson, housing Adult Day Care, Transportation and Administrative Offices.
  • 2004: Purchased Horizon Adult Day Care.
  • 2005: Grand opening of Market Place Senior Center.
  • 2005: Purchased Four Seasons Adult Day Care in Travelers Rest.
  • 2006: SENIOR Solutions became interim management company for Lakeview Assisted Living.
  • 2009: Purchased our Grove Road location in Greenville.
  • 2010: Moved Horizon Adult Day Care into a new facility at our Market Place Cinema location.
  • 2010: Began Dine In home-delivered meals program.

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