Adult Day Care: Frequently Asked Questions

What if we are not sure if our family member will enjoy the services?
The first day of service is on SENIOR Solutions. Your loved one can stay at our day care center free of charge to experience our services — with no obligation.

Where are you located?
We have three locations. 3420 Clemson Boulevard in Anderson is home to both SENIOR Solutions’ Market Place Cinema Adult Day Care (864-622-1723) and Horizon Adult Day Care (864-231-0099). Our Seneca location is at 101 Perry Avenue (864-885-1000).

Does Medicaid cover your services?
Yes. We accept third-party reimbursement from Medicaid as well as the Veterans Administration and Long-Term Care Insurance.

Does Medicare cover your services?
No. Unfortunately, Medicare has yet to recognize the benefits of Adult Day Care Services.

Is there a waiting period?
No. Once applications and enrollment forms are complete, participants can start immediately.

Can I use your services periodically?
Yes. Our services can be utilized as needed, although Medicaid and the Veterans Administration require attendance at least once per month to maintain coverage. We do ask that clients stay a minimum of five hours during a given day.

Is transportation provided?
Yes. Transportation can be provided, although additional charges may apply.

Contact us today for more information or with any further questions.

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